Diesel Engine Oil

What Is Diesel Oil?


Diesel oil is motor oil designed for lubricating diesel engines. Diesel motor oil is designed specifically for diesel engines and differs from the oil that is used to lubricate gasoline engines. Diesel engines can typically be found in commercial vehicles, industrial equipment and European cars. Many commercial and consumer trucks use diesel engines, which require a diesel engine oil.


What Type Of Oil Is Used For Diesel Engines?


Heavy duty, multi-grade, high viscosity oils are typically used in diesel engines. Diesel engine oils typically contain a higher volume of additives that neutralize acids and clean the diesel engine. These additives are necessary since diesel engines create much more soot that needs to be cleaned out by heavy duty oils. Oils for diesel engines can be identified by reading the American Petroleum Institute label that is found on all motor oils. The letter C can be found on the label indicating that the oil is intended for commercial or compression ignition (diesel engines). It is very important to use diesel motor oil for diesel engines and not gasoline engine oil. These combustion engines are different and so are the oils that are specifically formulated for them.


15W-40 Oil For Diesel Motors


15W-40 provides the same viscosity as SAE 15W oil at cold temperatures and the same viscosity as SAE 40 oil at high temperature, making it a truly heavy duty oil. Peak 15W-40 oils are as tough as the environments that they operate in. Peak offers a full line of heavy duty 15W-40 oils including the Peak Heavy-Duty Synthetic Blend 15W-40, Peak Heavy-Duty CNG & LNG 15W-40 and Peak Heavy Duty 15W-40 Conventional oil.


What Is The Best Heavy Duty Motor Oil For Diesel Engines?


Peak offers the best selection of heavy duty diesel motor oil. Peak heavy duty oils are formulated to keep engines running even in the most extreme conditions. Peak has over 40 years of experience manufacturing high quality, top performing products. Peak heavy duty motor oils have been widely considered the best motor oils within the industry and are used in thousands of diesel trucks across the country. Peak heavy duty oils help to protect your investment by ensuring that your diesel engine is running at optimal efficiency.


Peak Heavy Duty Oil MSDS


For those who are looking for material safety data sheets for Peak heavy duty oils can find them here.

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