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Equipment Accessories

From stainless steel to automatic shut-off nozzles, hoses and  flow meters, BlueDEF has a vast array of meticulously-engineered accessories—all designed to maximize the efficiency of dispensing Diesel Exhaust Fluid. All BlueDEF Compenents and accessories are made to meet the ISO 22241 standard.

Dispense Coupler

The Dispense Coupler is made of heavy duty glass reinforced nylon/polypropylene construction allowing for durability and long life.

  • – Integrated one-way check valve
  • – Compatible with poly and stainless steel 4-pin valve system

In-Line Digital Flow Meter

The In-line Digital Flow Meter features an easy to read four-digit digital display enclosed in a stainless steel meter housing allowing, this quality meter to offer precision quantity and measurements.

  • – Stainless steel meter housing
  • – Turbine measuring system
  • – Adjustable unit output

Hose Reel

The Hose Reel is made of heavy-duty steel and is surfaced-coated for extra protection, to ensure the highest level of corrosion resistance.

  • – 25′ hose length
  • – Steel parts ensures high corrosion resistance
  • – Ball bearing swivel joints
  • – Easy assembly

Stainless Steel Automatic Shut-off Nozzle

The stainless steel automatic shut-off nozzle allows you to pump the DEF you need without worrying about when the tank is full. The automatic shut-off feature prevents spills caused by excessive tank filling.

  • – Compatible with all BlueDEF pump systems

Manual Poly Nozzle

The lightweight manual poly nozzle is an economical solution for transferring DEF.

  • – Poly body with stainless steel spout
  • – Compatible with all BlueDEF pump systems

DEF Filter Unit - 3.62"

The 3.62″ DEF filter unit holds a standard sized filter. The strong plexiglass filter housing allows for a visual filter check. Ensuring the DEF you pump is clear of all particles.

  • – Helps to ensure product purity
  • – Eliminates most contamination/particulation
  • – “G” Style fittings for ease of installation
  • – Easily change filter
  • – Acrylic housing for enhanced inspection of fluid quality

DEF Filter Candle - 3.62"

The 3.62″ DEF filtering candle is a 4-layer filter candle that acts to remove any foreign particles from your DEF before reaching your tank.

  • – Fits securely in the DEF Filter Unit – 3.62″

Insulated Blanket

Meticulously-engineered, the insulated blanket features uniform, patented heat spreading technology with seamlessly protects the DEF fluid and pump assembly. Its cutting-edge design not only allows for easy access to the dispensing system, but also helps prevents freezing, protecting down to -34ºC (-30ºF). Works on both poly and metal totes.