Introducing BlueDEF PLATINUM™ – A Breakthrough Innovation In Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)


The Best Just Got Better

BlueDEF PLATINUM™ with exclusive ADVANCED SYSTEM SHIELD™ TECHNOLOGY is designed to significantly reduce harmful deposits in the selective catalytic reduction system thus providing optimum fuel economy, saving money on costly repairs, and sustaining the life of your SCR system.


BlueDEF PLATINUM™ will help maintain your vehicles optimum Fuel Economy.


BlueDEF PLATINUM™ will help you save money on costly SCR Repairs.

BlueDEF PLATINUM™ will help sustain the life of your SCR system by reducing harmful deposit build up.

BlueDEF Platinum 101 with the Diesel Brothers

Learn more about BlueDEF Platinum’s Advanced System Shield Technology from the Diesel Brother’s Diesel Dave and Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins.

Put Trust in your Truck

BlueDEF PLATINUM™ is formulated to exacting international standards and backed by our Purity Guarantee, ensuring that only high-quality DEF is in your truck.

BlueDef thre containers in pickup truck


With continual use, BlueDEF PLATINUM™ with ADVANCE SYSTEM SHIELD™ technology reduces the formation of future deposits that build up in your diesel exhaust system.

Why are deposits bad?

Deposits create back pressure which can increase fuel consumption and reduce engine power.


BlueDEF Platinum’s ADVANCED SYSTEM SHIELD™ Technology will maintain performance, power, and fuel economy mile after mile.

DEF Injection technology for your SRC