An informed choice is the best choice. These FAQs will answer the most popular questions about our FLEET CHARGE® Global Extended Life Coolant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is FLEET CHARGE® and how is it different?

A: FLEET CHARGE® is an advanced “fully formulated” coolant designed for heavy-duty cooling system applications. Fully formulated engine coolants were developed in response to user demands for a simple, universal, longer life coolant technology

For years, heavy-duty operators were limited to using low silicate automotive coolant formulations requiring a separate Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA). This often resulted in mixing errors when the SCA was added at initial fill or when topping-off. To reduce these mixing errors and improve convenience, Old World Industries developed FLEET CHARGE® coolant. Unlike automotive coolants, Fleet Charge is pre-charged with a high quality SCA and already contains all of the ingredients necessary to protect diesel, gasoline, and gaseous fuel engines.

Q: Why is FLEET CHARGE® pink?

A: The pink color of FLEET CHARGE® has become recognized as the identification for a fully formulated coolant.

Q: How, where, and when should I use FLEET CHARGE®?

A: FLEET CHARGE® is easy to use. Use 50/50 with water in any coolant system.

Q: Can I mix FLEET CHARGE® with other coolants?

A: While the best results can be expected when used by itself. FLEET CHARGE® is compatible with all coolants that meet ASTM D6210, TMC RP-329, automotive and heavy-duty engine manufacturers’ factory specifications.

Q: Can I use FLEET CHARGE® in my fleet’s other vehicles, like cars and off-road equipment?

A: Yes. FLEET CHARGE® meets the performance requirements of al major automotive specifications for conventional antifreeze, allowing operators of mixed fleets to stock one antifreeze for all their vehicles.

Q: Is FLEET CHARGE® an “extended life” coolant?

A: The term “long life” usually is associated with coolants that contain carboxylic acid inhibitors. Therefore, we have described FLEET CHARGE® as a Fill-For-Life technology.

Q: What is meant by the term Fill-For-Life technology?

A: The Fill-for-Life alternative provides for easy, low cost monitoring of the coolant inhibitor and freeze protection levels. Fill-For-Life is an extended service maintenance program developed by FLEET CHARGE® and Penray researchers. It is very simple. Users simply install a Penray Need-Release filter on an engine coolant system (up to 30 gallons). Every 18 months the filter is replaced. This practice eliminates scheduled coolant changes.

Q: How much FLEET CHARGE® do I need for corrosion and liner protection?

A: Minimum 0%.

Optimum 50%.

Maximum 65%.

Q: What maintenance does FLEET CHARGE® require?

A: The recommended maintenance for FLEET CHARGE® in systems up to 30 gallons is the Penray Need-Release filter. Change the Need-Release every 18 months, 150,000 miles or 3,000 operating hours (whichever comes first). Under this program there is no scheduled coolant change interval.

Q: Does FLEET CHARGE® have a shelf life?

A: FLEET CHARGE® has a stable storage life of at least 2 years if stored above 0 degrees F.

Q: Can I test FLEET CHARGE® to see if the system is “Ok”?

A: Sure! We recommend the use of a refractometer or a Penray test strip (just don’t use automotive coolant test strips or hydrometers).