FLEET CHARGE is the original fully formulated Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) Precharged coolant/antifreeze. The patented inhibitor package provides superior protection against cavitation erosion, corrosion and scale for all heavy duty cooling system applications. FLEET CHARGE® is a low silicate, low total dissolved solids coolant that meets or exceeds all heavy-duty and automotive specifications. FLEET CHARGE requires no SCAs at initial fill, and ensures proper chemistry when used at top-off.


FLEET CHARGE HYBRID BLUE Coolant/Antifreeze is a Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) Extended Service Interval (ESI) coolant/antifreeze with a phosphate-borate dual buffer system, nitrite and a low silicate level. It is formulated for use in heavy duty engines, regardless of fuel type, as well as in automobile and light duty applications. Its characteristic blue color identifies it as a hybrid coolant.

Maximum Protection That Saves You Money

Since FLEET CHARGE is fully formulated, your high priced engine is receiving the maximum amount of protection that meets or exceeds all the industry performance standards. And FLEET CHARGE is patented, which means that no other supplier can offer you the same quality product that is saving owners and operators thousands of dollars a year in repair bills.

Superior Technology

FLEET CHARGE is superior the to low-quality, non-fully formulated antifreezes that offer you bits and pieces of what is necessary to protect your trucks. With FLEET CHARGE you get it all. With advanced Fill-For-Life technology that provides the lowest operating cost and optimum reliability, FLEET CHARGE is the best antifreeze available.

One Coolant to do it All

FLEET CHARGE not only reduces the engine problems that cost you time and money, but it also eliminates many of your other “soft” costs. These costs include purchasing separate Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs), the use of expensive deionized water and even inventory separate coolants for mixed gas/diesel fleets. And let’s face it, having to spend time just figuring out how much SCA to add is a problem.

Keep Your Truck on the Road Not in the Shop

FLEET CHARGE is an easy way to keep your vehicle out of the shop. How much money and business do you lose by having a truck out of service? Out of service means “out of business.” With FLEET CHARGE, you never have to face that problem.