“Without Joe and his team, our operation would stop within days, and so would a lot of other businesses that we fuel.”

Eagle Transport is one of the largest haulers of refined fuel on the eastern seaboard. This year, the 24/7 operation will make 500,000 shipments, delivering over four billion gallons of fuel along the way. All while maintaining a delivery record that is as pristine as their trademark fleet of glistening trucks.

When a tanker leaves one of Eagle’s two dozen strategically-located terminals it has a 99.9 percent chance of being on time. A stat Eagle President and COO Lance Collette attributes to his team of 70 fleet technicians and their “massive preventative maintenance program.”

“The fluids that go into these trucks are more important than the fluids they carry,” Collette says, adding that Eagle uses over 175,000 gallons of BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid every year.

  • 50MMiles

    The number of miles Eagle’s fleet will travel in a given year, thank to its slip-seeded strategy and a massive preventative maintenance program.

  • 4BGallons

    The number of gallons of fuel Eagle will deliver to gas stations, airports, power plants and military installations this year.

  • 500Trucks

    Number of trucks in Eagle’s fleet. Outside routine maintenance, their goalis to “never have them parked.

  • 500KDeliveries

    Number of deliveries Eagle will make this year, 99.9 percent of which will arrive on time.

  • 70Service Techs

    Number of service techs who keep Eagle’s fleet in constant motion and who are on-call around the clock.

  • 24Terminals

    Number of strategically located terminals Eagle runs, and the number of hours each day they are operational.

Joe Phillips, Eagle Transport’s Director of Fleet Maintenance.

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