“This is PT Barnum at 300 miles an hour, and it can’t happen without a great road crew.”

John Force Racing is the winningest team in motorsports history collecting 18 world championships in 25 years, and setting virtually every record in the book along the way. It’s a 28,000-horsepower roadshow that logs over 80,000 miles crisscrossing the country to compete in 25 races every year. And while 12 gallons of nitro methane may power each car for a quarter mile across the finish line, it takes a whole lot more to get to the starting line. Nine high-tech tractor trailers, which function as floating engineering and mechanical bays, carry the entire operation with military precision.


    The JFR fleet consists of nine customized and highly advanced tractor trailers that function as roving service bays.


    Each of the four teams brings fully calibrated primary and backup cars to each race.

  • 80KMILES

    With 25 sanctioned NHRA events each season, the JFR team puts a lot of time on the road and a lot of miles on their trucks. Curious how much DEF that requires?


    A team of 50 JFR staffers create a beehive of commotion around their trailers every weekend.

  • 1MOPED

    Watching John Force tour the race grounds in his 90 mph moped has become a tradition for NHRA fans around the country.

John Force racing headquarters main floor, brownsburg, IN.

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