The original fully formulated Supplemental Coolant Additive (SCA) precharged coolant/antifreeze with a patented inhibitor package.

FLEET CHARGE® SCA PRECHARGED Coolant / Antifreeze Solution

FLEET CHARGE® fully formulated coolant eliminates the problems associated with the use of conventional heavy-duty coolants. The first coolants used in trucks were very similar to automotive coolants. As heavy trucks became more powerful and engineers learned to utilize the energy generated by diesel engines more efficiently, the advancing technology of truck engines required changes in coolant chemistry.

These vehicle coolants still require a pre-charge of a supplemental coolant additive (SCA) added to them. SCA’s contain additives not included in the low-silicate antifreeze, such as nitrite, that are essential to trouble-free operation of diesel engines. 

Using automotive (light-duty) antifreeze in a heavy-duty truck or adding excessive addition of supplemental coolant additives can cause the presence of green goo or, more technically, silicate drop-out. As a coolant continues in service, routine addition of chemicals, called supplemental coolant additives, is necessary. A resultant danger is that over concentration sometimes results from not changing the coolant while continuing to add SCAs.

Premature water pump failure and radiator damage were symptoms of excessive SCAs in the coolant. Frequently, the reverse situation was observed. Drivers and mechanics often topped off coolant systems with plain water or the wrong antifreeze, diluting the SCA concentration. Wet sleeve cylinder liner cavitation and freezing damage resulted from coolant weak in SCAs or glycol. The previous system was plagued by opportunities for human error.

FLEET CHARGE® fully formulated coolant eliminates these problems because it’s fully-formulated technology includes an optimally balanced SCA technology and can be mixed with the drinking water from city water systems. Most of the problems observed with the conventional antifreezes resulted from improper maintenance practices. 

Another benefit of FLEET CHARGE® is that in combination with Penray’s Need-Release SCA filter, it’s also a fill-for-life coolant.

FLEET CHARGE® fully formulated coolant offers the best value, protection and lowest operating cost as part of a Fill-For Life Program. The Fill-For-Life Program requires very little maintenance. As part of the Fill-For-Life program FLEET CHARGE® can remain in service for the life of the engine or until overhaul. It’s that easy!